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QUESTION #1: Who’s Killing “Life” On Earth: Capitalists? Politicians? Humans or God?

Bill Gates “Energy Miracle” Equation Proves
Humans Are Our Planet’s #One Problem!

Bill Gates is one of the world’s richest man thanks to his mastery of “Coding,” the mathematical kind. As a result, Gates comes at the “God Algorithm” from the same human perspective dominating AI Computer Science Professor Pedro Domingos’ The Master Algorithm and in fact the god complex rampant in all of  Silicon Valley’s thinking. In a recent annual report of his charitable foundation, Gates reiterates his ongoing search for an “energy miracle” to solve our global warming problems—new energy cheaper than coal with no pollution—to reverse the trajectory of climate change, to save the planet from the ‘catastrophic ending’ predicted by Stephen Hawking and many other scientists.

Gates’ goal is clear: “Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050.” His “miracle energy” equation updates one from the earlier work of Japanese energy economist Yoichi Kaya. Paradoxically, Gates math actually proves that if our civilization doesn’t reach zero emissions soon … our home planet is already dying … that humans are the cause … that we are in denial of the obstacles to survival:

Gates’ equation is simple: CO2 = P x S x E x C. Translation: Carbon emissions are a function of population growth (P) … services and resources consumed per capita (S) … the energy needed to create those services (E) … and carbon emissions … all of which are increasing … Bottom line: Bill Gates equation guarantees a perpetually overheating planet with temperature momentum accelerating … in short, we’re already living on a dying planet.

In short, if we really want to save the planet … we need a radical new approach … our old thinking, old economics, old technologies, old philanthropists are making things worse, actually killing our planet … although few of these old-timers will admit they’re wrong, as David Owen documents in The Conundrum: How Scientific Innovation, Increased Efficiency, and Good Intentions Can Make Our Energy and Climate Problems Worse. Denial becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

 Energy Miracle? No, We Need “Moral Conscience” Miracles!

Yes, the world needs more than a new “miracle energy,” we do need a new way of thinking, even a new kind of savior. At a recent World Economic Forum, founder Klaus Schwab offered a vision of what’s needed, what must emerge, soon. In his new book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Schwab urges us to “lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny,” to rise above today’s materialistic culture.

Capitalism Needs a New “Invisible Hand!”

Schwab gets it: Our world needs a new “consciousness” reversing our struggle, to avoid sinking deeper into myopic political ideologies, economic chaos and cultural conflicts, avoid aligning ourselves with powerful, mysterious dark forces that seems hell-bent on destroying life on Earth, abandoning us as a dying planet.

And yet, “it may already be too late,” warns environmental activist Bill McKibben. Still, many pray the “energy miracle” we need will come not as innovative new technologies … not as fossil fuel alternatives … not as more investment capital … nor as increased consumerism … nor even enlightened politicians … but in what Schwab identifies as the new “collective and moral consciousness.”

“End-Times” Hoax? Or Did They Solve The “God Algorithm?”

Paradoxically, conservative evangelicals already know who’s in control. In his Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future, Big Oil-backed GOP Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee Senator Jim Inhofe apparently “got it,” warning us to trust, don’t even question:

“God’s up there. Humans are arrogant to think we can change what He’s doing to the climate.” While scientists analyze natural cycles, conservative evangelicals ‘get it’ at a gut level, a profound blend of spiritual awareness and material madness that recognizes we are neither cause nor cure of global warming.

Moreover, the good senator is not alone; a recent Public Religion Research Institute survey tells us almost half of Americans believe climate disasters are warnings of a biblical “End Times.” Similar studies by Gallup and other pollsters tell us that as important as global warming may be, a majority of Americans also believe climate change is not a top-20 national priority.

And while public opinion polls won’t prove God is to blame for turning Earth into a dying planet, polling results do suggest a lot of Americans are either lulled into inaction or as the recent election clearly proves, they openly oppose climate change policies such as EPA regulations and the U.N. Climate Change Accord.

Americans Love Passing The Buck: Blame vs Responsiblity!

If evangelicals like Senator Inhofe are right … if God really has absolute control of climate change … if global warming is killing life on our planet … and if humans are powerless to do anything to reverse climate trends … then a helluva lot of people are in fact “blaming” God for the planet’s climate problems:


    For failing to plan ahead for the end of The Oil Age? For totally failing to grab the lead in the alternative energy business back forty years ago when Exxon was way ahead in researching alternatives. Today Big Oil would own that market to the benefit of shareholders, as well as the public. Instead, these aging fossil fuel companies are not only still hiding that massive corporate investment blunder, thanks to the Exxon and the Koch Oil Empire, they’re part of the Washington swamp creatures accelerating the endgame, even as divesting fossil fuels stocks has become so common even Rockefeller heirs are doing it, while accusing ExxonMobil of “morally reprehensible conduct.”


    Seriously, why not blame our elected science-denying senators and representatives for blocking EPA rules? Or conversely, blame NASA and the 2,500 liberal scientists on the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? Scientists are not only convinced humans are the cause, they’re also convinced humans actually have the power to stop global warming. In the U.N. Paris Accord 197 nations even agreed to save the planet by working together to control carbon emissions and keep global warming to two degrees. Already many nations are hedging and cheating. Meanwhile, scientists already warn that new alternative energy technologies can’t possibly replace fossil fuels fast enough on a planet of non-renewable scarce resources.


    After all, economists are in bed with their corporate bosses, bankers and the stock market, consistently ignoring the taboo subject of global population growth that is the driver in their perpetual growth myth and our worship of consumerism, the two key forces behind our unsustainable population growth headed for a predicted 10 billion by 2050, steadily depleting scarce, non-renewable resources, accelerating food shortages, creating desert lands, triggering wars, pandemics and natural disasters.


    Even Pope Francis? Yes, he’s got God’s ear. And in recent years he’s been the world’s most vocal climate change advocate, even lectured the U.S. Congress about the need to stop global warming and save the planet. And yet afterwards, when he reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s outdated birth control dogma, he was adding greatly to the planet’s out-of-control population growth. And pollsters now tell us that across the world, the pope’s message on global warming also did not change opinions. Get it? Partisan politics and Main Street consumers trumped the pope’s message.

Warning: they’re all compromised, time constrained, facing powerful economic enemies. This instinctual blame game is a failure of leadership. Climate change is “human-caused!” Period. That’s the eternal mantra. Humans are the problem. Also, holding the bag, we get the blame for over-heating the planet, from scientists and the media. No real surprise. Way back in 2009, Bill Gates and his billionaires club exposed the problem, agreeing that population was Planet-Earth’s #1 ticking time-bomb, accelerating, amplifying all other risks, that humans are the primary fuel creating global warming, over-heating the planet. We can’t stop the inevitable, but refuse to accept reality.

Even U.N. Is In Denial About Accelerating Population

Population growth has quietly become a taboo topic, in spite of its highly predictably negative impact on economic growth. Population growth has also been minimized or ignored on United Nation initiatives, even though their own demographers predict that 10 billion humans by 2050 is unsustainable.

In the next generation, the planet will add three billion more humans, up from 7.3 billion today. Worse, they will be living in emerging countries with ever-increasing demands for more economic services, higher standards of living, more food, more job opportunities, more wealth creation, more resources … more of everything.

In the near future, emerging and developing nations will be pushing for more and more short-term economic growth, each driven by their own version of the now universal “American Dream” that has them consuming more and more resources per capita, dumping more and more wastes, as global warming risks accelerate and these emerging economies rapidly mature into developed nations.

This economic trend is unsustainable: Europe and America already consume 32 times more resources per capita and dump 32 times more waste than consumers in emerging markets. Factor that in your algorithms for the 2047 Singularity, when the planet’s overheating momentum becomes irreversible, no matter what we do, how much we spend.

How “Sustainable Bottlenecks” Killed Life On Other Planets

Physicists are already predicting what’s ahead for our planet. Back in 1950 Nobel Physicist Enrico Fermi scanned billions of galaxies and asked: “Where is everybody? Why are there no signs of intelligent life in our universe?” Since then America has spent billions sending out coded messages for other civilizations, scanning galaxies for clues. And still no signs of “intelligent life” anywhere in this vast cosmos of trillions of stars circled by hundreds of millions of potentially habitable planets for the last 13.7 billion years.

Are we really all alone? Astrophysicist Adam Frank offered several possible explanations in a New York Times OpEd. One stands out as statistically plausible given our intensely competitive survival-the-fittest economic system: “All planets hit a sustainability bottleneck, none ever make it to the other side.”

Billions of years, billions of galaxies, stars, planets—and yet no civilization has ever attained “intelligent” enough to master their version of the “God Algorithm” and make it through their sustainability bottleneck to the other side, save itself, and  leave evidence of their survival. Never?

None ever survive? In 13.7 billion years? Hundreds of millions of intelligent life possibilities … and not one was “intelligent enough” to get to “the other side?” Does every civilization on every planet hit a dead end? Do they all eventually wind up self-destructing when they attempt to break through their own “sustainability bottleneck?” Are we next to repeat a preprogrammed eternal cosmic cycle.

Human “Intelligence:” Our DNA is Born with “Kill Switch!”

Apparently “intelligence” is not enough, actually a liability, the real reason no civilization has ever made it through its “sustainability bottleneck.” Apparently other civilizations and planets evolve, mastered intelligence and with it developed megalomania, a God Complex, and begun searching for a new “Master Algorithm” that will save them, help them “invent everything that can be invented” including an essential “energy miracle?” And yet always failing, vanishing, leaving no evidence behind?

Actually the behavioral sciences do suggest that the evolution of life forms implants a pre-programmed deadly ‘kill switch’ in all life, something in our DNA that guarantees every species … every human … every civilization throughout history … and indeed all planets will inevitably terminate, disappear, vanish without a trace. All it takes is a simple scientific observation and a little common sense.

Economist Robin Hanson calls this “The Great Filter,” a mysterious “barrier” blocking even highly evolved intelligent beings from solving their own God Algorithms and breaking through their planet’s sustainability bottleneck, guaranteeing self-destruction. In short, when a civilization reaches its highest level of intelligence, the kill switch triggers, they self-destruct, leaving no evidence, just an energy-wave, a thought transmitted across a universal consciousness to some future Enrico Fermi on a new planet in another space-time continuum, prompting him to ask once again, “Where is everybody?”

Big Bang Buddhism: No Beginning! No Ending! Hawking Agrees!

In challenging in our Christian cosmological view, Buddhism and eastern thought leaders generally see past the limited intellectual theorizing and restrictive research of modern science … past the paradoxes and filters of western scientific minds … past the Big Bangs, Black Holes and Supernovas … offering alternative solutions to all the god algorithms … the evolution of species intelligence … and the cosmology of all sustainability bottlenecks.

In the Buddhist cosmology “there is no Creator god,” says Brian Schell: “Creation occurs repeatedly throughout time in cycles. In the beginning of each cycle, land forms, in darkness, on the surface of the water. Beings who populated the universe in the previous cycle are reborn.” Schell quotes The Dalai Lama’s  The Universe in a Single Atom, The Convergence of Science and Spirituality:

“Even with all these profound scientific theories of the origin of the universe, I am left with questions, serious ones: What existed before the Big Bang? Where did the Big Bang come from? What caused it? Why has our planet evolved to support life? What is the relationship between the cosmos and the beings that have evolved within it? … I am not subject to the professional or ideological constraints of a radically materialistic worldview. In Buddhism the universe is seen as infinite and beginningless, so I am quite happy to venture beyond the Big Bang and speculate about possible states of affairs before it.”

Moreover, theoretical physics shares much in common with Buddhism. In The Grand Design, while also refuting Newton’s belief that “God” must have created the universe because it could not arise out of chaos, Stephen Hawking tells us that: “The universe can and will create itself from nothing … Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to set the universe going.” At least not one from any one religion. We also have scientific evidence that from the Big Bang to Black Holes and Supernovas, sooner or later all life does die … all molecules, all cells, all species, every individual, everyone, we all die. In fact, ninety-nine percent of all of Earth’s species are already extinct!

Indeed, history expands on this long view: all civilizations, all planets, even star systems do eventually die, often in sudden catastrophic supernovas after surviving billions of years. The big difference here is that while many religious fundamentalists, cosmologists, climate activists and even scientists focus on divine beginnings and catastrophic  endings, Buddhists and theoretical physicists see an infinite recycling of life forms and planets arising over and over, out of chaos into many new worlds.

About the author

Paul B. Farrell

Dr Paul is a Behavioral Economist reporting on the science, psychology and politics of climate change and its impact on our culture, morals and vision of the future. For over seventeen years his columns were published on DowJones MarketWatch.com, which he joined as an editor when originally launched as a joint venture of CBS-News and The Financial Times. He published 1,643 columns between 1997 and 2015, and was their #1 traffic-generating columnist.

Over the years Dr Paul also published ten best-sellers, including The Millionaire Code: 16 Paths to Wealth Building ... The Winning Portfolio: Choosing Your 10 Best Mutual Funds ... Meditation Secrets of the Flawed Buddhas ... Expert Investing on The Net: Profit From the Top-25 Online Money Makers ... The Lazy Person's Guide to Investing ... Zen Millionaire: The Investor's Guide to the Other Side ... and most recently, HotEarthHell: The (New) Master Algorithm, a 2018 selection of his 33 best DowJones-MarketWatch columns on the economic impact of climate change and global warming.

Earlier he was an investment banker with Morgan Stanley ... Executive Vice President of the Financial News Network ... and Associate Editor of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. Back in the 1990s, he edited and published FNX: The Future News Index, an online investment newsletters for stock traders and forerunner for today's HotEarthHELLO! The Investors Climate Survival Guide.

He has the Doctorate in Psychology, Juris Doctor, Masters in Regional Planning and Bachelor of Architecture. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Staff Sergeant in aviation radar-computer technology.