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Top-100 Global Media Resources: Climate is World’s #1 Problem, With 100+ Solutions!

100+ Solutions To Planet-Earth’s Survival

100 LARGEST PENSION FUNDS: Climate Change Threatens Your Retirement

MORNINGSTAR: Sustainable Investing = $23 Trillion, up 600% since 2006!

BARRON’S: Sustainable Investing 2.0 Is Now Mainstream on Wall Street!

MARKETWATCH: Millennials Investing ESG Funds Into Retirement Accounts

ETHICAL INVESTING: How to Use Your Money to Stop  Global Warming

THE GUARDIAN: Politicians Silent, But US Farmers Terrified By Climate Change!

IMPACT INVESTING: Sector Expanding, With 13% Growth Rate

FORBES: Investors Have Unique Powers to Mitigate Climate Change

YALE Champions “Social Investing (Whatever That Is)”

CNBC: Bill Gates & EU Launch $115 Million Clean Energy Technology Fund

MOTLEY FOOL: Don’t Miss This $10 Trillion Opportunity!

USNEWS: A.I. ‘Robots’ Help Investors Find Socially Responsible Assets

NOBEL PRIZE Wins for New Climate Change “impact Tool!”

BARRON’S: CLIMATE is “#1 TOPIC” at United Nations General Assembly

INT’L FINANCE CORP: Read New “Impact Investment” Guidelines

BLOOMBERG: Can Humans Adapt to the “End of the World?”

NPR: BEER Prices Double Even Triple With Climate Change!

SMART MONEY BETS: Seawalls, Indoor Farming, Emergency Housing!

CNBC: Investors Can Save The World, One dollar at a Time!

NUVEEN ADVISORS: Yes, Climate Change Impacts Your Portfolio

400 INVESTORS Betting $32 Trillion on Changing The Climate 

IPCC REPORT: Bottom Line, Sell Fossil Fuels Now?

EUROPE: Millennials, Women Driving Change to Sustainable Investing

CHARLES SCHWAB’s $3.6 Trillion Edge on Wall Street

CNBC: Fighting Changing Climate Not Just a ‘Cause,’ Now Big Business!

UBS: China First, America Last in ‘Sustainable Investing’

UAE: Arab Investors ‘Flock to Sustainable Investing”

WH: Climate Change Will Make Planet-Earth a “Living Hell” by 2100

FORTUNE: The “Most Ambitious” Climate Plan In History!

JPMORGAN: Next Financial Crisis Will Strike USA in 2020

AAII: Learning From Mistakes Made by Legendary Investors

NORWAY: Divesting FOSSIL FUELS Won’t Hurt Long-term Returns

LONDON+NY MAYORS: Call to Mayors Worldwide to Dump Fossil Fuels

NYC PENSION FUNDS: Investing $4 of Their $195 Bilion in “Green Tech”

EUROPEANS Investing €100 Million to Boost EU’s BioEconomy!

AMERICA’S Fracking Boom Peaking on Easy Credit & Excess Debt

TIME: U.N. Chief We Must “Put the Brake” on Emissions by 2020

FINANCIAL TIMES: How to Make All Your “Good Intentions” Pay Off!

OKLAHOMA: BofA Fueling “Green Energy” Boom in Big Oil’s Backyard

NEW CARBON-CAPTURE TECHNOLOGY: Silver Bullet Stops Global Warming?

PG&E’s CEO: “Coal is Not The Future,” Best Investments: Technology+Natural Gas

ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE: Climate Change Threatening Power Grids, Refineries 

BARRONS: “Massive Capital Gap,” UN’s 17 Goals Est $5-7 Trillion Annually

PENSION WORLD: Workers expect Managers WON’T Invest in FOSSIL FUELS

ASIA DEVELOPMENT BANK: Sustainable Investing, $1.7 Trillion Annual Est.

YALE: America on Leading Edge of Offshore Wind Revolution

GERMANY Proving That Modern Automobile’s KILLING THE PLANET

NYT: How to RETIRE in Your 30s … with $1 Million in Bank!

APPLE: Buys Rights to NY Times “Losing Earth” Series

CBS NEWS: Big Oil asks Texas State to protect it from climate change!

MEXICO: Revolutionary Corn Will Transform Agriculture Worldwide

SMART FARMS: Colorado Harnessing Hydro-Power, Saves Time, Cuts Costs

SOUTHEAST ASIA: New “Impact Investing” Surging Across Asia

GLOBAL “GREEN ECONOMY” GROWS Despite USA Fossil Fuels Denialism 

AFRICA: Fossil fuels dominate 60% vs 18% clean energy alternatives

MAERSK: First Container Ship Navigates Arctic Circle, Avoids Suez

CHICAGO: Time for Carbon Emission Tax on Fossil Fuels

WORLD POPULATION: Huge 63% Now Forty or Younger!

OREGON: State Treasurer Plans Pensions Summit on ‘Sustainable Investing’

AMERICAN CENTURY: Young Investors Leading Way with ‘Impact Investing’

AFRICA: Fossil fuels dominate 60% vs 18% clean energy alternatives

FORTUNE: “Good Guy” Stocks Can Help You Beat the Market

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: EPA Admits New Coal Rules Will Kill 1,400 Americans a Year 

RUSSIA secretly funding environmental groups to kill FRACKING


ACTUARIES: New Climate Poll says savers want out of fossil fuel investments

FORBES: Money Managers Using “Climate Change” 500% More in investments


INDIA: Rising Seas impacting Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Strategies Increase Odds of Winning Portfolio

FORBES WARNS INVESTORS: World Not Prepared For Global Warming

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Strategies Increasing Odds of a Winning Portfolio

POPE FRANCIS WARNS BIG OIL, Exxon, Shell, BP … “go green now, before it’s too late”

BILLIONAIRE INVESTOR warns: “Capitalism’s killing our planet”

UTILITY COMPANIES: Big problems phasing out fossil fuels for renewables

TRANSCANADA natural gas PIPELINE EXPLODES … in West Virginia

TRILLION DOLLAR BUBBLE Near Popping … Coastal Properties at Huge Risk

YALE: Americans are underestimating HUGE COSTS of global warming

GAME THEORY: “Climate Will Get Whole Lot Worse Before it Gets Better!”

BBC MILLENNIAL INVESTORS stuck with trillions of global warming costs


NATURAL GAS BOOM … Good or Bad for America’s environment?

HUNGER CHAOS AHEAD as Planet adds 2.5 billion, 10 billion by 2050

BIG OIL on WALL STREET: “Investors ‘Shell-Shocked’ by Poor Returns.”

BIG OIL Pushing NATURAL GAS as Fossil Fuels Solution to Global Warming!

Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg investing in “BREAKTHROUGH ENERGY”

WORLD BANK: Ending financial support for oil and gas extraction

THE HEAT IS ON! Scientists warn, 4 more years of extreme temperatures, thru 2022


NADAQ: Renewable Energy Numbers for Major FINANCIAL MARKETS Worldwide


PIPELINE CEO at Federal Energy Conference: “Great Time to Be in Oil Business!”

INDIA’S GDP: Global Warming will trigger 2.8% economic loss by 2050

Sustainable Investing hits Ireland: You Can “Do Good” AND Make Money TOO!

 HOW EXXON INSIDERS LOST the Global Alternative Fuels Market!


AGRICULTURE: Global warming 2100: 7.2 degrees hotter & VEGGIES DROP 31%

NEW ZEALAND: FARMERS see positives in government climate change policies

NEW DROUGHTS HIT BIG AG: Harvests DROPPING in US, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine

NYC, BOSTON: Rising Sea levels, Winter Storms … record coastal flooding 

“Skeptical Scientists” warn: Wall Street JOURNAL still peddling BIG OIL propaganda!’

EPA KILLING rules protecting DRINKING WATER For 117,000,000 Americans

No more SNOWY WINTERS in beautiful Estonia and Northern Europe!

RENO’S LAKE TAHOE threatened by EPA’s weaker pollution rules

“EARTH GAMES!” New video games solve climate change … while you have fun?

TOXIC CO2 EMISSIONS reach record levels in Earth’s atmosphere

REPUBLICAN Mayors quietly pushing Climate-Friendly policies …

NASA’s TOP SCIENTIST WARNED us in 1988 … is it too late? Irreversible?  

New NASA Chief (former GOP congressman) admits HUMANS CAUSE World’s RISING HEAT!

KEEP COAL FIRES burning? Subsidize SOLAR? Maybe both!

AFRICA: Trees Living for Thousands of Years … Suddenly Dying!

EPA MISSION SHIFT: From protecting human health to protecting industry

Higher CARBON DIOXIDE levels NOW A BIGGER HEALTH threat than warming!

ATOMIC SCIENTISTS: Long-term benefits of curbing climate change vs ECONOMIC COSTS. 

WETTER WETS! Tropical Storms dumping lots more water everywhere

AMERICA’S G7 ALLIES Commit to Climate Action … without America!

LOBSTER LOVERS! Industry in HOT WATER, devastating impact on crustacean population

HEAVY RAINFALL INCREASES: Since 1950’s increasing 70% … WILL only get WORSE!


Pipeline CEO at Federal Energy Conference: “Great Time to Be in Oil Business!”

Six ways VOLCANOES benefit Planet-Earth’s environment

SAMSUNG will be fully on Renewable Energy by 2020, in US, EU, China

AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSN: divesting from fossil fuel companies

NYC suing BIG OIL, accountable for global warming costs

HARVARD STUDY: New EPA RULES will cause 80,000 more deaths …

EASTER ISLAND, a message for today’ world?

“PROPHETS VS PROFITS:” owning fossil fuels is “harming God’s creation.”

SPUTNIKNEWS: “We’re Screwed” even if we met Paris Accord goals

JUDGE Orders EPA’s Pruitt: produce SCIENTIFIC evidence of denials


BANK of ENGLAND worries INSURERS lack reserves to cover climate disasters

UNITED NATIONS action to “Combat Desertification” … is it too late?

HEAVY RAINFALLS: Increases up to 70% since 1950s, “WILL GET WORSE!

G-7 ALLIES, CHINA & INDIA all still committed to PARIS ACCORD

U.N aviation agency adds fossil fuels to landmark deal limiting AIRCRAFT EMISSIONS

SpinLaunch: new SILICON VALLEY startup to launch ROCKETS using no fossil fuel

CANADA in G7 & G20: Plans to PHASE-OUT fossil fuel GOVT SUBSIDIES

“DEPRESSING” Energy Chart: Fossil Fuels will dominate future economic growth

UN-IPCC 2018: Global Warming THREATENS GROWTH of All World Economies

Global warming “IRREVERSIBLE” … unless fossil fuel emissions stopped soon

Antarctica MELTING much FASTER since 2012, “definitely not a good sign!”

MOUNT EVEREST: high-rollers creating “high-altitude rubbish dump” 

IRELAND: INSECT “ARMAGEDDON:” Pesticides, pollution, habitat lost, global warming.

INDIA: Dry riverbeds add more  CO2 emissions than estimated  

U.S. CITIES Pledging to go 100% “RENEWABLE” DOUBLES in Year

EPA Approves Toxic Pesticide Harmful to Kids’ Brains … Hawaii Says “Hell No!”




AFRICAN FORESTS Converted for Farmland, But Soil is Degrading

CHINA’S FARMERS: Overuse of chemicals endangering health, environment

GERMANY BACKS PARIS ACCORD: Merkel says Global Warming is FACT

CLEAN ENERGY investments must increase $460bn/yr to limit deadly warming

SWEDEN: Starts construction on FOSSIL FUEL-FREE STEEL plant

When CARBON BUBBLE POPS: Big Oil Dies & Investors Lose Trillions

TOO HOT to HANDLE! Forget Bipartisan Politics, Science, Facts in a CULTURE WAR!

MIT: AI Opportunities, New “Robot Belt” Rebuilding in Heartland’s Ol’ “Rust Belt!”

TRUTH vs. DENIALISM: Local TV weather casters now major source of global warming facts

HONG KONGClimate change triggers spike in allergies for city dwellers

NATIONAL SECURITY RISK: Big Oil Subsidies Weaken America’s Defense Machine 

Five Years After SUPERSTORM SANDY, Jersey Shore “Rising Above” New Disasters

Colorado is 13th state adopting CA’S CLEAN CAR STANDARDS, vs U.S. GOVT

STARBUCKS: half of all COFFEE GROWING lands will soon be unproductive



FRACKING Companies Lying to Investors … Overestimating “PROVED RESERVES?”

TECHTIMES: Nature’S LOUD WARNING SIGNS  of Global Warming!

NEW “TROJAN HORSES:” As Animals Move North to Cool, They Carry New Diseases

BATTERY TECH BOOM! World gets half of electricity from wind, solar by 2050!

WORLD’S VEGETABLES DROP 33% by 2050, vs population SOARS by 33%!

Six Ways ICED COFFEE is ruining the environment … and your body

TOXIC ALGAE turning U.S. Drinking Water GREEN, damaging nerves, liver

SOUTH AFRICA: Is Your CITY next to RUN OUT OF WATER? Cape Town’s 3  lessons

“UNINHABITABLE EARTH:” Famine, collapse, sun cooking us sooner than you think.

MEGA-DROUGHT will hit U.S. Southwest, Arizona, New Mexico, worst in 2,000 Years

FORMER EPA CHIEF launches HARVARD Center for Climate, Health & Environment

WORLD CUP SOCCER matches fans exposed to global energy politics, Russian propaganda

183 NATIONS meet in VIETNAM for Energy Conference, to Build a “More Livable Planet”

POLITICS VS SCIENCE: New NOAA Mission Statement Increases Climate Risks

FRAGIL CORAL REEFS are bleaching, slowing growth in warm rising oceans

Global Warming forcing JAPAN to rethink LGN & Energy policy

NEPAL: Cycling is one way to build cleaner, greener Kathmandu

TIME: Coffee demand up 50% by 2050, while supply could drop 88%!

Global Warming hitting South Asia hotspots: 800,000,000 at risk!

U.S. military is deadly serious about climate change at base in Guam

Will the ‘Bee Extinction’ be the next species lost to agriculture?

Post-Kennedy Supremes: Dessents Warn of Risks to Climate Rules!

Warning: Over-Heating Planet Creating World of  DESPERATE MIGRANTS

Climate change turning PERU’S GLACIAL LAKE into deadly flood TIMEBOMB

 ARCTIC ARCHAEOLOGICAL treasures are melting away… forever!

POOF! “Climate Change” mysteriously vanishes from another government website

RHODE ISLAND, First State Suing Big Oil Over Costs. Risks of Climate Change

HAWAII SUPER HOT! First in America to Ban Sunscreens Harmful to Environment

TESLA’S “GIGAFACTORY:” Nevada’s Tax Subsidies distorting HI-TECH JOB MARKET!

“PLAN-B EARTH:” Activists Using Litigation to Make Gov’ts/Corps  Liable for Damages

“SIX AMERICAS:” Radical Different on Climate Science, Politics, Survival Threat!  

POPE FRANCIS on Saving Our Home Planet & the Future of Life on Earth!

WASHINGTON STATE: Carbon Tax on Fall Ballot, Political War! 

SEE CHINA’s DEADLY FOG: Need Emission Limits for Big Polluters in 80 Cities!

UNITED NATIONS: Climate Change Annual Report 2017, Website Now Live!

AUSTRALIA: GREAT BARRIER REEF rapidly collapsing under climate change

AIR CONDITIONING will accelerate global warming temperatures!

AUSTRALIAN STUDIES: World heat accelerating much faster than predicted

POPE FRANCIS warns climate change turning Earth into “DESERT, GARBAGE”

MIDDLE EAST: Rising heat, food shortages will send HOUSEHOLD BILLS SOARING!

LATimes: Climate change is CAUSING a global heat wave. Why’s the media so silent?

NBC: GOP Senators, Stop Gov’t Funding of Climate Education! “Just Propaganda!”

AUSTRALIA: 3,000 premature DEATHS annually linked to URBAN AIR POLLUTION!

CBS 60 Minutes: Fishermen turning to Ocean Farming. Chefs love it!

SCIENCE 2.0: Global Warming Could Soon Kill The Internet


NBC NEWS: WHITE HOUSE KILLING Climate Science Websites … Two Keep Thriving!

RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNSEL: Counter-Attack Against New Fossil Fuel Production

GREAT BRITAIN: Asthma deaths rise 25% amid growing air pollution crisis

Is American Government ACCELERATING Planet-Earth’s Ending?

18 STATES sue WHITE HOUSE rollback of Auto Emission Standards

“Tipping Point” Accelerating, EARTH SOON UNINHABITABLE!

HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL: Climate Change Catastrophe can be AVERTED!

European Union: Global Warming Reversable by 2050, 100 Solutions Now!

REAL CAUSE of Deadly Global Heatwave: Politics! Politics!! Politics!!!

SWITZERLAND: Scientists Urge Govt Pension Fund to Sell Fossil Fuel Stocks

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